Who am I?

I think every single day should be filled with laughter. I really don’t care about business posturing or status symbols. I just like things that have a soul and a story to tell. Books are such an essential resource for me; they really are as vital as food or oxygen!

I grew up in a small village in the countryside. I’m an only child, but I’ve always been surrounded by a lot of friends – friendships that I still cherish today. I’ve always been fascinated to see how pursuing common goals allows people to grow beyond their own mindsets, and how important trust and mindfulness are.

What drives me?

I am driven by a vision: a vision of a company with a human side. A vision of togetherness instead of rivalry. A vision of companies that understand that economic success can only truly be achieved once people are seen as the most important asset. I am driven by a vision of providing people with the opportunity to gain new insight that is more positive and distinct than experiences in the past.

WU__4817I firmly believe that culture is the most important and powerful transformation process. I also believe that companies can only truly be successful when they allow their employees to experience more adventures, embrace emotions and enhance their zest for life.

We want to support your path to success by realising and appreciating the importance of culture and digital culture. Don’t bother asking „why?“ – that always leads to reasons why things can’t be done. Simply ask „why not?“ – that’s how you find out what has hindered success in the past. Anyone can change – you simply have to be ready to take that step.

The future could be a better place for us all – let’s take on that challenge together!