Our guests

Wolfgang Mohr

Wolfgang Mohr is Managing Director of truemind innovation GmbH. He is a business psychologist and business economist. He is the initiator of the truemind network. He sees a network of partners and data-based intelligence as indispensable in order to become economically more successful. The times of many years of experience are over. Nowadays, the one who knows where to get the knowledge is experienced.

Our Team, Member №:

Name: Wolfgang Mohr

Age: 29

Focal points: Marketing/Sales, Change Processes, Project Management

Favourite book: Better than chance, C. Christensen

Loves: Third-Wave-Coffee, Snowboarding, Motorcycling, Yoga

Sayings he cannot hear: „Historically grown“, „Have we always done this way“, „We are too small for“.

Alain Veuve

Alain deals with technology and the changes and impacts it has on society and the economy.

His mission

His website ( is intended to contribute to the general discourse on digital transformation and above all beyond. It should show connections and facts and help to break stuck models of thought. Alain is convinced that this will be decisive today, but above all in the future, in order to be economically successful.

Heiko Bartlog

Heiko-Shoot-021 (Large)Heiko Bartlog supports organisations on their way to agility, better cooperation and successful innovation as „host for innovation“. He uses techniques from Scrum, Effectuation, Lean Startup, Management 3.0 and Liberating Structures to work on posture. As one of the freiKopfler, he sets off with an innovative format of thought blockades. In the second quarter of 2018, the book #PM2025 – 7 Thesen zur Zukunft der Projektarbeit (#PM2025 – 7 Theses on the Future of Project Work), co-authored with Olaf Hinz, will be published.

Eva Klöcker

Who am I?

PicturePeople (1 von 3)I put trust over doubt and meet my counterpart with a hug rather than a handshake. I am interested in further development, that of others and in my own. Professionally I have a lot to do with people and their development. It is the encounter with these people that makes my work so wonderful.

As the only daughter of four children, I learned to assert myself early on and to work passionately for my interests and goals. Should I ever get stuck, I ask my family – they are my anchor.

What drives me?

What drives me is my enthusiasm for new, innovative ideas and the questions: How is things going a little bit better? What else can we learn?

Together with my colleagues, I would like to create an environment in which we can talk openly about our work and grow together in discourse. A corporate culture in which each individual is seen not only as a cost factor but as a person with their strengths and competencies. These competencies must be developed and promoted to ensure the success not only of the individual but of the entire company.


Constanze Zeller

Constanze Zeller_ZukunftsherzConstanze Zeller is the operator of – an eHealth blog under the motto „Look forward to tomorrow“. There are fascinating changes associated with digitisation in the health sector in two respects: on the one hand, because of the beneficial innovations in the technical and organisational field, and, on the other, because of the newly emerging opportunities for cooperation. To make this promising process of change and exciting cultural change visible is her concern – both on her blog and professionally in the corporate communications of a municipal hospital.

Axel Rittershaus

IMG_0268 copyBW2_387-387

Axel Rittershaus works as an executive coach and executive trainer in IT companies, trade, finance and service companies all over the world. For more than 10 years now, managers and owners of blue-chip companies, medium-sized companies and family entrepreneurs have relied on his expertise.

25 years of self-employment, as well as his time as senior manager at Accenture and several years with a medium-sized IT service provider have shaped the experience he now shares with his clients.

His book „Führungspraxis für Ingenieure und IT-Experten„, which was published by Springer Vieweg Verlag in 2016, is at the top of the Amazon sales charts today.

Axel is also a successful ultra-marathon runner and is happy to pass on his experience.

Axel can be found at targetter.deLinkedIn, Xing and as runner at