Who am I?

Ever since I was young, I’ve been curious in nature. I’ve always wanted to try new things, and taken an interest in new topics or different kinds of sports. That drive to try out new things and challenge my limits has often gotten me further than I would’ve dared to dream.

I’m so lucky that my family – and especially my wonderful wife Astrid – not only accept my interest in trying out new things, but also support me and give me the strength to redefine my limits every day.

WU__5069After personally experiencing huge cultural changes on a professional level, supporting others in processing those kinds of changes is a passion of mine. It’s really key to take values and feelings into account to avoid change turning into a negative experience – as was the case for me – while also achieving the goals set forth by the company. Besides curiosity, success is another passion of mine. That’s one reason why I have the great privilege of leading people to extraordinary success with #performingperfect on a sporting level.

What drives me?

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to help other people be happy, because I see how that can change the world. That spark in their eyes, the smiles on their faces and the relaxed attitude of someone who’s brimming with self-confidence: those things give me the motivation to do my best every day. It’s fun to face a challenge together and change something positive as a team.

In my experience, with the right support, people can achieve things that they thought were unattainable. That relates to sporting goals such as IRONMAN victories, and professional goals, such as changing a company’s culture, being accepted as a leader, improving the quality of software development or increasing employee and customer satisfaction. As different as those goals are, they have common elements, especially the idea that success will be illusive – or require an immense amount of effort. Hurdles can often feel so unsurmountable for those affected that the first step isn’t even attempted.

WU__4892And that’s when I reach out my hand to take the first step together. Because if it’s clear what I want to achieve – the “I” is really important here; it can’t be about someone else’s goals – and what is important to me, then there is always a way forward. It’s new and perhaps a little uncertain at the beginning, but in the end there’s the possibility of tremendous success and the opportunity to grow.

More often than I’d like, I’ve seen people fail to realise their personal goals and lose their way, both professionally and in their private lives. Sometimes, it came down to personal conflicts, while other times issues stemmed from an entire corporate structure that simply forgot about people. People and their feelings were always in the background. I often ask myself the question: How much better could this world be if we let our feelings speak again? If we believe in ourselves and are able to realise our passions?

I firmly believe that would make everyone feel better on a personal level. And, in a business environment, profits would see significant improvement. That’s why I want to embrace change together, achieve goals and see smiling faces. The bigger the challenge, the greater the attraction for me. And that’s why the saying „Anything is possible“ is something I live by.