Mistakes are achievements of which we must be proud

In my profession I have always dealt with many different people and companies. And I have always been fascinated by the people who have made decisions. Have moved „things“.

What make these people different from others? They deal with mistakes in a different way. You are less afraid of making mistakes. Just like that kid on the cover who just gets up after he falls. read more

Mistakes take us forward and imperfection is so wonderfully beautiful.

In companies, the assumption seems to have crept in that making mistakes is an economic catastrophe, if not even a disaster beyond expectations. Because if someone in the „company“ cycle does something not as it is written somewhere, then under certain circumstances – perhaps – our customer could no longer buy our product at the end. read more

Tomorrow I’ll decide

When I wake up tomorrow and expect to live to be 80 years old, I have 20,725 days left to live. I made it easy for myself and calculated without leap years. On the basis of this calculation, a 40 year old has 14,600 days to live, a 50 year old 10,950 days and so on. I find that when we transform years into days, we become much more aware of how short and precious our lifetime is. read more

Looking for… what actually?

Ramona’s blog last week has given me a lot of things to think about. Digitisation with all its possibilities allows rapid progress. Ramona also wrote that with the smartphone, everything is possible today to organize, manage, show and share with everyone. I agree with that and would like to go one step further. I can also earn money read more