None for everything

One of the last universal scholars, Alexander von Humboldt, died in the 19th century. Since then, the scope of our knowledge has grown to such an extent that nowadays it is hardly possible to have an overview of the entire knowledge of a single discipline. In a society as specialized as ours, nobody can do everything.

The outsourcing of production processes has therefore long since become part of everyday life, and hardly any company can afford its own printing works or cleaning personnel. The fleet is leased, as are the copiers and coffee machines.

Clear advantages of outsourcing are an increase in efficiency, a reduction in risk, better utilization of the capacities of both cooperation partners and the compensation of capacity bottlenecks. At the same time, you increase the available know-how on both sides through specialization. More complex services such as marketing and IT are now also being outsourced.

From digital revolution to disruption

Customers now expect to be able to order around the clock. Visibility and overview become a matter of course. Customers expect smooth digital processes away from the telephone order or the customer center. Customers then want to buy when it suits them and are not dependent on opening hours.

Companies must be flexible. Customer flows and developments are extremely variable and unpredictable, especially in the digital sector. Resources and spontaneity are necessary for a quick and appropriate response. New marketing measures should be tested directly, who allows himself too long time missed chances opposite customers and competition.

„People are very open-minded about new things as long as they’re exactly like the old ones“ – Charles Kettering

These expectations break hard with the reality of many medium-sized companies. Too much adherence to existing patterns of behaviour. They cannot provide their own specialists for each topic and less qualified employees are often overwhelmed when more in-depth knowledge is required. Therefore, focusing on strategic coordination tasks can make sense, especially for SMEs. The outsourcing of marketing thus makes it possible to compete on an equal footing with larger companies.

In a study, 64% of the medium-sized companies surveyed stated that they plan to develop new technologies in cooperation with start-ups. 96% of the medium-sized companies that carried out such a cooperation plan to continue working with start-ups in the future.

An external marketing service provider also takes a completely different view: long-time employees often fall at a distance to analyze the company separately from their core business. An external person is much more impartial in his or her point of view and can thus set new impulses and implement professional, disruptive marketing campaigns.

The outsourcing of further processes leads to an increasingly complex network of business relationships, which of course also has to be managed. This makes precise and reliable communication more important than ever before. In short-term partnerships, a lot of efficiency is lost due to the constant need for reconciliation.

A successful partnership is developing

Long-term partnerships enable the partners to assess each other better. Misunderstandings arise in every respect. If I can better assess and interpret my partner’s behaviour, I can address and prevent misunderstandings at an early stage. Also, on such a basis of trust, malicious or exploitative intentions are less often imputed to the other party. Trust instead of distrust!

Identification with the values of the partner and a common goal create even deeper trust. Such an identification community knows clearly what is desired and what is not. Collective action is internalized and is intuitive. Both partners feel responsible.

Partnership is when the partners create!

This is precisely why we at truemind rely on long-term partnerships. We are convinced that a structured network of long-standing partners offers the necessary flexibility and efficiency at the same time. The resulting trust allows a smooth cooperation. This enables us to support our clients not only with our own know-how, but also with that of our entire network.

Wolfgang Mohr, trueminde innovation GmbH




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