Why partnerships do us good, even in business ​

2018 – everything is faster, higher, further. Digitization has created an unimaginable complexity that allows us to tell the rest of the world everything about ourselves anytime, anywhere, and anywhere we are. And the great thing is that it’s incredibly simple. I quickly made an insta-story, uploaded a photo on Twitter and added the matching hashtags and everyone who wants and doesn’t want knows about my current activities. Brave new world…
But what sounds good to me at first glance is one thing, namely: Anonymous. And honestly, if there’s one thing I don’t want, it’s being anonymous.
Civilization has not been formed by anonymity, but by cooperation. While in earlier times cooperation was more about pure survival and securing one’s own existence, today it has not really changed that much. While I don’t need to worry today that I’ll starve if I can’t swap my dinner, for example, in a barter, I’m convinced that we finally need to start thinking outside the box in our companies. We need to get help with fields we can’t cover. And offer our support where we can.
Competition is good, but cooperation is better.
Albert Einstein once said: „Everyone is a genius! But if you judge a fish by whether it can climb a tree, it will believe all its life that it is stupid“.
Each of us has many different talents. Let us be aware of how much potential we can create if we complement and cooperate instead of being in eternal competition. When I use my resources, which I usually use to keep what I do as secret as possible, to find new ways of thinking with new people and to develop new ideas for business models, then I benefit in several ways. I can try out my own ideas and have them shaped into one. I can test what other people think about it. I can expand my network and thus broaden my very own personal horizon. For me it is about real, interpersonal contact, a contact directly from one person to another person.
Elbow mentality is out – for a business with more humanity!
In my opinion, the days of lone warriors are over. While those who once perfected the fulfillment of KPI´s were successful, today those who bring humanity back into business are successful. All those people who contribute every day to making the place „work“ a better place. These help customers to become partners, colleagues to become comrades-in-arms. Such partnerships are great. We draw strength and support from it in bad times. They multiply our joy in good times. We can share everything, good and bad, and we are not alone.
How to find a good partner…
I’m sure everyone has his own idea. I would like to share my vision with you:
Find a partner who ticks like you
Opposites attract. That may be true for a love story, but in business I prefer to think of it as the proverb: Equal and equal come together. For me, similar views of work ethic and attitude are important and a cornerstone for a functioning business partnership. Once I have found someone as crazy as I am, I can develop my full potential.
Find a partner who covers what you don’t like
It is important to be clear about what things you are good at and what things you are not good at. Because only if I know what makes me who I am can I invest this potential in the partnership. That means I can fully concentrate on my strengths and talents and do my job in the best possible way.
Consider what role you can play in the partnership and look for someone to fill in missing roles
It is important to be clear about who takes which role and who can and wants to decide what. If I have two of the well-known „alpha animals“ in one enclosure, sooner or later this will probably work rather badly than quite well.
Find someone to talk to about everything
Find the partner with whom you can talk openly about everything, just like in a private relationship. It is important to have a partner at your side who will show you the red card at the right moment and, if necessary, straighten your head again. But that’s not all. It is just as important that you have the confidence in your partner to present any crazy idea to him and to introduce him to your visions.
Have the guts!
Listen to your inner voice, your gut feeling. When it comes to choosing a partner for your business, your gut feeling plays an enormously important role. For me, building up and expanding a joint business is also something private, because I share nothing less than my innermost wishes and thoughts with another person. For me, there must not be the slightest doubt about the other.
Take care and have a happy day!

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