Spring renews everything

Errors, mistakes and how to deal with them was the topic of April for 2ChangeCulture. I am incredibly happy about the feedback we got this month and about the different perspective Heiko Bartlog gave us. Our idea of an exchange on the subject of corporate and work culture is no longer an idea. It has become something alive that has given us contacts to many exciting people. We enjoy every day of it.


In my last post I wrote about the fact that many people find themselves in our blog and wish that we also show solutions.

This has touched us so much that Ramona and I have spent many nights finding a framework that offers individual help with the topic of cultural change in companies and in the working world without dogmatically adhering to methods. The result is the FLIGHT concept, which aims to make companies more successful both humanely and economically, in which people there have fulfilling tasks. A concept that accompanies change, gives safety and creates a unique culture that is different from other companies in every company. A concept for which we both get up in the morning and work with inspiration. Where you can find our personal WHY.

Why FLIGHT-Concept?

Airplanes take off against the wind and land against the wind. What is a difficult situation in colloquial terms is a necessary prerequisite for success there. Many companies see themselves in a difficult situation due to digital change. We give these companies new impetus and help them to take off again and be successful.

How? By creating a slipstream and in turn inspiring all the people in the company. Begun with the founder, managing director or executive committee up to the humans, who keep even the smallest gear wheel running. We deliberately say slipstream. Air passes through both sides of the wing at different speeds. Where the path is longer, the speed is higher and thus a slipstream is generated, which provides lift. When we say that we start with the management, then the speed of change is at its highest and thus a slipstream effect emanates from there. By the way, slipstream helps take off. Pressure would not do this. That is why our approach is focused on cooperation and aims to make people and companies successful and happy. It is the FLIGHT Concept by 2ChangeCulture.

FLIGHT stands for the following steps which must also be permanently filled with life in the company for a lasting cultural change:

  • Find the reason
  • Launch your vision
  • Innovative mission & leadership
  • Get the people
  • Help overcoming
  • Try till fit

And now?

What’s next? We are looking forward to everything that will come now, because now we have a framework that gives us a clearer structure for the exchange with you on the topics of corporate and work culture and thus opens up the possibility to help you more concretely with your questions. In the next months we will explain to you step by step what the FLIGHT concept is all about and how you can proceed afterwards.

We are looking forward to it.

Take care and have a happy day

Ramona and Chris

Published by

Chris Decker

Triathlon Coach der 2-fachen Ironman Siegerin Astrid Stienen. Lässt mit Leidenschaft Triathlon-Träume wahr werden.

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