First three month…check.

Thoughts of Ramona

Today is March 31st. The first quarter of 2018 is thus closed at the end of this day. Awesome! „How fast time flies.“ This for me strange saying from my childhood days (because, doesn’t time always pass equally fast or slowly?) becomes somehow more and more true and understandable. Well, the older I get, the sooner time actually seems to pass for me, the sooner a new day, a new week, or even a new stage in my life seems to begin.

I’m happy about it this time! I am glad that time has passed quickly. Apparently flew, now that I look „backwards“ again in the aftermath.

I am relieved that the first quarter is behind me. The first 13 weeks of this year are completed. Because that concludes a chapter for me.

This first quarter of 2018 was the most strenuous, hardest and most emotional quarter in many years. And this in both a negative and a positive sense. There were a lot of wonderful moments, but there were a lot of fucking moments for me, too. And as is usually the case, 100 things can be good, but if there is only one thing that is bad, then this one damn bad thing simply outweighs all other positive things.

I’ve heard myself say one or two times and caught myself saying the way I thought: 2018 is just a shit year, 2018 is not my year, it’s happened again this or that and that’s just silly, I don’t feel like it anymore.

And that’s why I’m relieved that I can now start a new quarter. I will draw a line under the first one for myself and will now officially close it today. I say to all the negativity and frustration that has collected in me once „Thank you for being there again and shaking me awake. „Have a good trip and stay far away!“

A very impressive person unfortunately also died in the first quarter, Stephen Hawkins. My new quarter begins with one of his quotes: „Look up at the stars and not down to your feet. Be curious.“

In this sense I go out now and look up, where Stephen hopefully sits on a cloud and looks down to us.

Take care and have a happy day!

Thoughts of Chris

Security and trust

These were our topics for the month of March.

Security and confidence that we are on the right track with this blog is what I found for me. At the end of last year it was still a fixed idea of Ramona and me, but this year we have already found many supporters who support us. Give us security and trust and challenge us again and again with their thoughts and help us to discover new perspectives.

I can say: That is a good feeling and I am very much looking forward to finding even more of this point of view.

In my opinion, this works particularly well in personal formats. Ramona and I are now on the road at many events. Starting with the „Project Future“ of SOPTIM AG, through a digital culture meet up in Münster to various workshop formats and impulse lectures at the Digital Hub Aachen. I notice how enthusiastic people hear new ideas and follow concepts that have already been successfully implemented. It gives the listeners security and confidence and also a bit of inspiration. This is always the highlight for me, because then people go home with shining eyes and hatch ideas. Ideas that can and will make the world a little bit better.

And yes, time passes faster than Ramona said. I think that’s a good thing, because then you realize how things are made. It’s like a time-lapse. Surely Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins can explain why time passes by at different speeds. Once an old lady with the courage to live explained it to me very simply. She said, look, when you’re two years old, the time until Christmas seems so long, because it’s almost as long as half your life. I’m 85 now, and it’s only 1/85th. She said and beamed at me. Why am I telling you this? Because I want to tell you this:

Forget everyone who can only explain things in complicated terms, which can also be said in simple words. Listen to yourselves and your feelings.

Stephen Hawkins was a smart and clever man. Why do I know that? Because he used the quote Ramona wrote and never turned his passion for physics into an ivory tower. He shared this passion with all of us.

Do you also share your passion. I started it here on this blog and it’s great experiences that are given to me.

Take care and have a happy day.


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Chris Decker

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