How February rocked the blog

Thoughts of Chris

Now it’s over, the second month in our blog project and it was a very emotional month again. Emotionally, because we notice through conversations which circles our blog draws, how many people actually read it and think about it. But also emotionally because we had to deal with a disappointment for the first time, as our planned guest author simply went diving. Emails, calls, social network messages, all unanswered.

Of course I’m disappointed. What could be better than helping Ramona and me blogging and making people happier and more productive while working to bring this vision closer to reality?

Well, there will have been a reason why our guest has not contacted us and at some point I may or may not find out about it.

What can we learn from this?

For me, this experience is a very important insight. I could certainly have called colleagues or supervisors of our guests, drove by personally and looked for the conversation and I am sure I would have received the guest contribution. If you want something that much, you can box it through. Haven’t we all done that before?

I can say that I have done this more than once. But I won’t do it again. Why? Because the result I get is not  the quality I get, if it is something voluntary. It is like a test that you simply have to pass in order to progress, but which has no influence on the final result. I’m making it so straight. I’m jumping as high as I have to at this moment. I do what is required.

But what I want is excellence. However, there is only excellence if someone enjoys dealing with a topic. Then he gives everything he can. Maybe it’s not good at the beginning of a new topic, but it’s the best this person can do at that time and with a little patience and trust, the result will always be better. Because there is nothing better than delivering perfection. A work to be proud of.

We as humans are created to be proud of what we do. Let us give people this pride and they will inspire us all with quality and excellence.

By the way, I also achieve pride through praise. Try to surprise a colleague every day with a positive feedback for his work and see how your collaboration changes.

You’ll learn more about your colleagues and what they do, because you’re looking more closely so that you can give the feedback and at the same time change you are changing your culture.

I look forward to reading about your experiences.

Take care and have a happy day,


Thoughts of Ramona

The second month for 2ChangeCulture is almost over.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks since the start of the project. And somehow this reads very strange for me, because after all the year is just 2 months old. But for me, it feels as good as having arrived at the end of the year again. Whether this is due to the fact that one has the feeling with increasing age that time passes faster? I don’t know.

Well, what happened? Yes, Chris and I have each got a lot of feedback on our blog independently. Public, less public, by various means, anonymous and not anonymous resonance. Now everyone can say „a lot of resonance“, what is already „a lot“, but I don’t want to fix that at all by numbers and evaluations, but rather by whom and what came back.

And I have to say that I was really astonished at some and some. Because either I would never have expected in life that this person would be interested in it, or I would have made this or that statement.

In February we also won someone who will write as our guest author in one of the next few months and I am very happy about that personally:)
Hm, now the attentive reader will think at this point: Wait, where is the guest contribution from last week?

And that has also happened, because despite promises and repeated requests, the guest author cannot be found. There are certainly reasons why Chris and I may or may not find out at some point. In any case, it was an experience we hadn’t experienced before.

But the best thing about this February is that we were asked whether we would like to be present as a speaker at an event. And that was a really great moment for me. This question shows me that culture is more than just a nerve, it is more than just another hypothetical subject. It shows me that there are more people who want to deal with it, who want to stimulate, change and move something, and that makes me happy. Very happy:)

Do you want to join us? Write me, I look forward to it!

Take care and have a happy day,


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