This thoughts will make you fearless.

Ramona and I saw a picture this month and it made us fearless. Why? 


Ramona’s thoughts:

This Saturday, I’m going to talk about „Why be afraid of problems?“
In order to understand a topic or situation, I like to take a look at what is actually behind it. So in this case: what exactly is a problem? I have personally found the following definition for myself:
„A problem is an obstacle on the way from a currently unsatisfactory starting position to a satisfactory target situation.“

But to have a good feeling for me too, I replaced the word „problem“ with the word „challenge“. So the new definition for me is:
„A challenge is an obstacle on the way from an unsatisfactory starting position to a satisfactory finish.“

In my opinion, the word problem already implies that it is likely that I will fail, that I will fail, that I will give up. That I cannot, therefore, by my own definition, be put in a position to be satisfied. This demotivates me, slows me down and makes me feel bad.

But if I say to myself:“Oh look, the next challenge is to find a good solution, my attitude is simply a completely different one. I help myself to deal with possible solutions and not with all the possibly bad things that might happen.

„Don’t think you’ve broken everything before!“

And besides, what good is it to me to deal with possibly occurring things? If they’re supposed to happen, they do. I don’t have to worry about it and be afraid and let me ruin my day and spoil my mood. Yeah, I’m sure it’s nice to have a plan B. But that’s good enough. Further plans C, D, E, F, G… and so on and so forth are, in my opinion, simply superfluous. Because if I’ve learned two things in my life so far, it’s that everything is different than you think and secondly there’s still a solution that you can’t see.

„Talking to other people“

I often found myself in the middle of it, as I asked myself why this or that happens to me now. And then I was convinced that it was the worst, most terrible, most horrible, most awful and at all. Well, that’s the reason I was delusional.
Here’s what I’ll do today:

  • Recognizing the challenge
  • Take a deep breath and sleep over it (often helps immensely; -)
  • Tell other people about the challenge
  • Hear what other people have done with the challenge of experience
  • Seeking and taking advice
  • And the most important and decisive point for me:
    Ask for help!!!!

Because you are not alone! Every one of us has friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family who stand by us and are there when we face a new challenge. Asking for help is not a weakness but rather a sign of strength.
And always remember: Together we are strong!

Christian’s thoughts:


We have started

One month A really nice month with lots of conversations, feedback and ideas. A month under the theme „Beginning“.

For us it was very exciting, because everything we did was new for us. We have set up a homepage, asked people if they would like to contribute something to our idea and read a lot. While I previously had a very clear picture of many things, all these things have contributed to the fact that this picture has changed. It has become clearer, but also different.

The goal with which we created this blog is that we want to share the idea of making work a place of joy and productivity for everyone and want to talk about it. Offline this has already worked very well. Online we want more comments, more shared posts and more clicks. Why? Because we want to shape our idea with you. We want to share our idea. We want to share our positive experiences and we want to get your opinion to improve the idea together.

One feedback I heard was that we wrote at too high an altitude to be able to respond with a concrete opinion. I think that was also necessary for the entry. With every month that follows, I will now make concrete proposals on how everyone can take action. Concretely, it helps to form an opinion and we can then discuss it. I look forward to it.

By the way, my opinion on the topic „Beginning“ is that it’s quite simple. Why? Look at the graphics Ramona and I have been working on this month.

Simple. Simply ingenious. That’s what the beginning is all about. Something to do. If it works, I have no problem and don’t have to worry about anything. I can be happy to have implemented something great. If it doesn’t work, I can either improve it or have won the confirmation that my idea might not be so great after all. In either case, I don’t have to worry. Cool, huh? I can act completely liberated in every situation of life. I just need to realize it.

With this awareness, getting started becomes even easier.
In this sense, to the beginning and let’s have fun together.

Take care and have a happy day


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