Ready for what is coming

I’ve got those days when I’m coming home and somehow everything pisses me off. In the morning I drove to work. Full of energy and eager to change the world. Already at breakfast I had a really brilliant idea. I burned for what this idea with every cell in my body.

And then during the day it catches up with you, this reality. With the force of a liver hook from nowhere, she meets you in the form of feedback from others. And then you fall down. You can feel how it pulls your legs away and you notice how you fall. Only thing is, you can’t change it. The ground is coming closer and you know, it’ll hit you hard. Dumb you hear it yourself, as you hit the ground and you know, your idea has died. Here and now.

Yes, I have such days. Yes, these days hurt. Yes, today is one of those days. For a very short time I thought about giving up. It hurt too much.

But I’m not like that. I get up again. No matter if it used to be when I was a world-class martial arts athlete or was competing in the Ironman World Championship Hawaii. It was never easy. And that’s exactly why it satisfied me so much.

Our mission – my honest believe

Today I have another mission with Ramona. It takes place in our working life and not in sports. Nevertheless, the mission is demanding. Our mission is for as many people as possible to make work a place of productivity and enjoyment.

I believe that you will achieve the best results in term of work and also entrepreneurially if you work with happiness and and humanity. I do not understand why people subordinates themselves to numbers. I believe that when companies let people be human, the numbers are ultimately the confirmatory result.

Do not get me wrong. I’m not talking about a fun society. I’m talking about hard work. I’m talking about fulfillment. I’m talking about a sense. I’m talking about appreciation. I’m talking about a place that is the place where my family is, the place where I feel most comfortable, because I accomplish or even create something. As a human being, I want to be needed and valued, and I am ready to do nearly everything therefor.

That’s why I get up after a day like today. I knock the dust off, go for a walk with my wife and our dog. Let everything go and remember what I stand for.

I am ready to take this challenge

Tomorrow I will talk about positive things again. I will inspire people and tell them how I achieved goals. I will encourage people to do things they find impossible. I will support them and gratefully accept support if they offer it to me.

From now on, I will also write about my thoughts in this blog because I want to share my experiences and my ideas. I want to work loud. Take up the concept of „working out loud“ and change culture together with you. Invite you # 2ChangeCulture and make work a place of productivity and enjoyment.

I know I have many comrades. My wife, my fellow blogger Ramona, many of my colleagues, people who write guest posts on our blog and expand our idea with their strength and commitment. I’m thankful for that and look forward to see what happens.

I know, I will often go down. But I’ll always get up more, because I’m ready for # 2ChangeCulture.

Are you ready too?

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Chris Decker

Triathlon Coach der 2-fachen Ironman Siegerin Astrid Stienen. Lässt mit Leidenschaft Triathlon-Träume wahr werden.