What does easy mean?

In the last few weeks since the idea of ​​creating a blog with Chris, an independent blog, until the birth of 2ChangeCulture.com, I’ve talked to many different people. Have told them what Chris and I are planning and how the idea was born to jointly create this blog here. I have told about our common vision. A vision  in which happy people work in happy and successful companies. I talked about our plan for the next year and what our goals are. And also why we desperately want to do this blog. About what my, his, our motivation is.

There were conversations with people full of bright eyes and open hearts. But there were also discussions in which I had to explain or even justify myself for doing so.

„That’s a big project.“ „That’s one exciting topic, but it won’t be easy. There are so many other people doing that. „Are you sure you can do it? „“ Is it worth all the time? „

At first I was angry, yes, I was also admittedly fierce and completely incomprehensible. Why should n’t we start our blog? And „big project“ what does that mean? But then it became more and more clear to me that it was – like always – a different point of view and also a question of attitude. It may not be easy, but what does it mean?

Honestly, I did not even ask myself if it would be easy or not. Does not everyone have a different definition of „easy“? And, just because things are not that easy, should I leave them therefor? Should I throw my dreams and desires to the bin because it may be difficult to implement them? Or because other people think it might be hard to reach them?

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream that nobody but you can see.

Most of us have all learned to ride a bike. Was that easy? Or was that hard? I think  it doesn’t matter if it was hard or easy. The reason why we learned it was the important thing. That you were able to travel with friends or family and share joy, fun and good times together. That you had achieved something you had aimed for. That you just got a step further.

That’s how I work with this blog. It a fun thing to me. I enjoy writing this blog and it fulfills me. And amazingly, the more people I tell, how much this kind of work pleases me, the more happy faces I see. The more positive things I tell – for example how proud I am that we designed our homepage by ourselves or how much fun it is to develop my own logo, the less negative feedback comes back.

On the contrary, people also tell me about their beautiful experiences and developments. They open and change their point of view. Instead of just moaning and talking about everything that’s not nice, good, round, great, people are thinking about what wonderful and happy things they’ve done lately. And: they think about what they can do to keep it that way in the future!

Act as if failure is impossible

So why are we all driven, to question everything? Looking for justification in everything we do and even before we even start to try something. Why are there reasons to look for why something is not possible, can not be achieved, becomes difficult?

I decided not to do so anymore. I have decided to embark on a nice and fulfilling journey with this blog. With all the facets and adventures that it’ll bring and I’ll be ready to face them, because detours are known to extend the knowledge 😉 And knowledge is always something you can’t have enough of.

Take care and have a happy day


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